Transforming the Lives of East Africans
In the Name of Christ

Gate of Hope Ministries International exists to create an environment where East African individuals, families and communities are equipped and empowered to live out a more spiritually fulfilled, socially connected, and economically stable life in order to holistically transform their communities and nations.

Gate of Hope Ministries concentrates its activities in Rwanda, a country about the size of the state of Maryland, focusing on widows of the genocide, people with HIV/AIDS, orphans, and vulnerable children and their families.







Gate of Hope also serves African refugees in the Louisville, Kentucky metro area including families from the following east and central Africa countries:  Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of Congo.













Gate of Hope recently hosted an African Christmas.  Thanks to the many families who sponsored our families from the Gate of Hope community.  Praise God for His abundant blessings!