Haileigh Arnold, Farm Manager

Haileigh Arnold grew up at, and still attends, Southeast Christian Church where she became a student of Kathy Sigfriedt-Wilson. Kathy, Haileigh, and her husband Jacob, worked with Pauline to teach Sunday School at Evangelical Church Winning All for four years. When  teaching Sunday School came to a close, Haileigh remained connected to the community through the CSA program at Hope Community Farm.

Haileigh attended the University of Louisville for her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and her Master’s degree in Sustainability from 2012-2018. Haileigh says: “In High school there was a time that I wanted to be a medical missionary, but soon discovered that the medical field was not right for me. Not sure on what I wanted to do I studied Biology and planned on being a teacher after experiencing the joy of teaching Sunday School. However, I still wasn’t passionate about the subject matter until I learned about Sustainability. I dove into Sustainability and got my Master’s degree at U of L, but after graduation I was not sure on what I wanted to do. Kathy suggested that I work for Hope Community farm and reminded me of the time I wanted to be a missionary. Now, I am so happy that I can use the knowledge and skills that I learned in graduate school to come full circle and pursue missionary work. I wasn’t always sure how my studies would further God’s kingdom, but He knew all along.”

Haileigh is currently raising financial support for her missionary position with Gate of Hope Ministries. If you would like to support her, click the “Donate Today” button above or mail your support with a note of its purpose to: P.O. Box 6482, Louisville KY 40206.